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Medication Management

Solrei Behavioral Health provides adolescent and adult psychiatric care. We are located in Windermere, Florida.

Our providers  specialize in diagnosing and treating a range of mental health concerns. If your individualized treatment plan includes medications, our providers are adept at choosing the appropriate medications to fit each individual's unique concerns and symptoms. Solrei Behavioral Health believes in partnering with patients to help guide the medication selection process based on what each individual is comfortable with, providing education on how medications work, and listening closely to patient feedback to optimize symptom control while utilizing the least amount of medications possible. 

If you think you or someone you care for may need medication management, you don’t have to continue struggling alone.

Call the office today or request an appointment online. Telehealth visits are also available.

What is medication management?

Medication management involves your provider selecting an appropriate medication to target and treat patient's individual symptoms. At Solrei Behavioral Health, our philosophy is to treat the patient as a whole medically and therapeutically. While medication management may be an important part of your treatment plan, we believe other interventions such as dietary changes, medical evaluations, exercise or activity level changes, and psychotherapy are also necessary parts of our patients' treatment plans. We work with our patients as partners to to set realistic goals and find the most appropriate evidence based options for medication treatments.

What is the process of medication management?

There are five stages of the medication process: (a) ordering/prescribing, (b) transcribing and verifying, (c) dispensing and delivering, (d) administering, and (e) monitoring and reporting. Monitoring and reporting is a newly identified stage about which there is little research.

Why is medication management important?

Medication management can help reduce adverse reactions and reduce the risk of hospitalizations related to these errors by ensuring that your medications don't interact, helping you learn when and how to take your specific medications, and identifying any substances to avoid while taking your medications.

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“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”
-  Joubert Botha

Our Services

We all have unique needs and and at times need help. Solrei Behavioral Health focuses on creating individualized treatment plans in order to improve mental health. Our compassionate care guarantees comprehensive support. Learn more about some of our most common services.

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If you are having thoughts of suicide, please call 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. For emergencies, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.
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