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Seeking help for mental health can be intimidating. We are here to support you and we understand the unique challenges of individuals struggling with mental health, and we tailor personalized care plans for each person. We strive to provide a safe environment so that we can work together in your pursuit of a better quality of life.

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Welcome to Solrei Behavioral Health

At Solrei Behavioral Health, we are devoted to providing high-quality care tailored to your individual mental health needs. We offer a judgement-free space where you can feel comfortable and secure while embarking on your journey of healing. Our services are provided to individuals from all communities and all walks of life, regardless of race, identity or culture.


With our personalized approach, you can rest assured that you will be supported throughout the entire experience; we understand that the path to recovery is unique for everyone and can take different amounts of time. We vow to be there every step of the way as you progress and heal, ensuring a sense of comfort and partnership along the way.

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“You are not alone. You are seen. I am with you. You are not alone.”
- Shonda Rhimes

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

*This a non-treatment consultation. You can discuss your needs with a provider to help determine if we are the right fit for each other.

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“Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but you are not the rain.”
-  Matt Haig
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Effective January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act, which Congress passed as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, is designed to protect patients from surprise bills for emergency services at out-of-network facilities or for out-of-network providers at in-network facilities, holding them liable only for in-network cost-sharing amounts. The No Surprises Act also enables uninsured patients to receive a good faith estimate of the cost of care.
If you are having thoughts of suicide, please call 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. For emergencies, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.
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